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    • 05 May 2015
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • AppNexus 19 West 22nd Street 4th Floor New York, NY, 10010
    • 86

    How To Get Your Foot in The UX Door - Résumé Speed Dating

    A résumé opens the door to the next opportunity, but how do you create an effective résumé? This month, let's learn from the journey of one UX professional about how you can showcase your achievements and talent in your résumé and portfolio. Then, you will have an opportunity to get direct advice from a number of seasoned UX professionals.

     Part 1 - Land Your UX Dream Job: Tales from a Hiring Manager

    Over the past few years, AppNexus has experienced tremendous growth. Having processed hundreds of applications for UX roles, Ashley Hemingway would like to share some tips and tricks for UX job seekers, to ensure their applications stand out for all the right reasons. In this talk, Ashley will share user-centric principles in order to help job seekers tailor their applications, resumes and portfolios to their “user": the hiring manger.


    With over a decade of professional design experience, Ashley believes that “happiness is making the things that you wish existed”. She is currently the Director of User Experience at AppNexus, one of New York’s fastest growing companies. Previously, she has designed tablet apps for the pharmaceutical industry, websites and applications for large retail and banking brands, and packaging for consumer and beauty care products. She has also consulted for several startups, where she loved turning early concepts into established and trusted brands while advocating for customer-centric design principles. Ashley is a graduated of DAAP at the University of Cincinnati. During the few minutes a day she is not online, she can be found indulging in too much television, curiosity and cheese.

     Part 2 - Résumé Speed Dating

    What is it and how does it work?

    A series of 2-person stations are set up around the room. A reviewer (a senior-level UX-industry professional or UX-industry recruiter) is seated at each station. Participants sit with the reviewer and hand over their resume plus whatever work samples they've brought, and in the few minutes allowed, the reviewer provides their assessment. Feedback is brief and high-level. At the end of the session it's time for the participant to move on.

    Work samples may include wireframes, documentation, screenshots, etc. Samples can be presented on paper or via laptops or tablets. This will make it possible for reviewers to get a much clearer picture of participants' capabilities in the time allowed.

    Attendee Checklist

    In order to get the most out of résumé speed dating, attendees are highly encouraged to bring the following items:

    • 15 printed copies of your résumé
    • Optional: Work samples (print out or on mobile device)
    • Optional: Business cards

    Meet Our Reviewers!

       Ashley Hemingway
       Director of UX

       Positions Reviewed:
       UX Team Lead / Manager,  UX Design,      UX Research
    Chris Watson
    UX Team Lead

    Positions Reviewed:
    UX Designer  Senior UX Designer  UX Team Lead  UX Researcher

    Kim Cassidy

    Positions Reviewed:
    UX Designer, Interaction Designer, Information Architect, Usability Testing
    Julia Cowing
    AVP Design

    Positions Reviewed:
    User Experience Architect
    Sean Echevarria 
    Client Partnerships Lead
    Motivate Design

    Positions Reviewed:
    UX Researcher 

    Brittania Gaspar 

    Positions Reviewed:
    UX Design, Visual Design, UX Research
    Deidre Kolarick
    VP, User Experience

    Positions Reviewed:
    UX Research
    Rebecca Levi 
    Recruiting Manager
    The Joanne Weaver Group

    Positions Reviewed:
    UX Design, UX/UI Design, UI Design, Product Design, Service Design  

            Ariel Lopez
            Career Coach
            General Assembly
            Positions Reviewed:
            User Researcher, UX Designer, Visual           Designer, UI Designer
    Adekunle Oduye
    Product Designer

    Positions Reviewed:
    Product Designer  UX Designer  Front-end Developer  UI Designer
     Tammy Sachs
     Sachs Insights

     Positions Reviewed:
     UX Researcher, UX Strategist, UX  Designer
    Mark Safire
    User Experience Researcher
    Bloomberg LP

    Positions Reviewed:
    Dan Shaw
    Principal Information Architect
    Fidelity Investments

    Positions Reviewed:
    Information Architect, Interaction Designer, User Experience Designer, etc.
    ... and More!

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    Entrance on:
      19 W 22nd st. 4th Floor
    New York, NY 10010

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    $10    Annual Members
       General Public - opens on April 22nd at noon
    $25    Ticket ($10) + Annual Membership ($15)
    $5    Students

    NO WALK-INS. Please register in advance!


    6:00-6:45   Networking & Refreshments
    6:45-7:00   Opening Announcements
    7:00-7:30   Part 1 - Land Your UX Dream Job: Tales from a Hiring Manager
    7:30-8:30   Part 2 - Résumé Speed Dating
    8:30-9:00   More Networking & Refreshments


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